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Business Telecommunication Services

Intellect™ Telecommunication Solutions deliver a comprehensive range of advanced, reliable connectivity options to meet all of your present and future communication needs.  NWT is able to offer you far more than conventional telecoms and cable corporations.  As a client, you will benefit from integrated communications services that offer industry leading quality backed by exceptional customer support.  NWT focuses on five key criteria to provide your business with a clear competitive advantage:

NWT provides remarkable opportunities for businesses to integrate and simplify voice, data, and organizational applications with features that are far beyond traditional phone service offerings. Systems can be configured to handle and route calls in almost any way you require. Calls can be routed through one or more extensions in any order. Multiple stages of auto attendants and menus can be created. Voice messages can automatically be emailed to you as an attachment and sent to your cellular phone in addition to appearing as voice mail at your main phone. Other notable features include:
Global Connect™ technology enables you and your colleagues to transfer calls back and forth in exactly the same way whether you are in your office, at home, in New York, or in the Grand Caymans. You can work from home or take your phone when you travel and keep the same phone functionality – including being reached at the same number and extension – no matter where you are. Even better, these calls will count as local calls at no additional charge. Conventional telecoms simply cannot offer that level of service. Along the same lines, if your business has satellite offices or will need to add them in the future, your system can be engineered so that all calling between the head and satellite offices is local instead of long distance no matter where in the world those satellite offices are located. These offices can also share one or more numbers if that helps to improve call flow or minimize reception and call handling costs. This same technology also enables you to relocate your entire office phone system with little cost or effort helping to greatly simplify moving.
Flex Connect lines provide a cost effective way for your business to have numerous over lines. For instance, your business might require 1 main line with 9 over lines most of the time, but at certain times might require an additional 10 lines. Mainstream telecoms would require you to pay for all 20 lines regardless of how much you used them. NWT in contrast can provide you with 10 main lines plus 10 Flex Connect™ lines. The first 10 lines would be charged on a standard monthly basis. The Flex Connect™ lines would only be charged if and when they were used.
- You will have access to an extensive range of advanced features that provide unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and flexibility.

The transition to NWT services from other providers will be seamless. You can keep your existing phone numbers and, unlike with regular providers, with the NWT Permanent Number™ service you can continue to use those numbers for as long as you want even if you choose to relocate elsewhere in the city or country. NWT phone service will also support your existing hardware and phone systems. For those clients looking to upgrade or expand their systems, NWT has distribution agreements in place enabling it to provide and install new hardware whether that involves a conventional key system, IP system, or a hybrid system enabling the retention of present hardware coupled with feature and system expansion. Integration - You can use your existing numbers and equipment.

Telecoms and cable corporations generally have one transmission medium that they rely on to deliver services using a single method. This is a 1.1 system. In the event of a problem, all services can be lost for an extended period until that single transmission medium or method is repaired. NWT is able to provide far greater reliability utilizing a 5.5 system. Intelligent call routing coupled with distributed architecture means that up to five transmission mediums can be utilized in conjunction with five methods to deliver services. With NWT a single point of failure can be isolated with your connectivity automatically re-routed using an alternative medium and method. In the event of a serious issue at the client location such as a fire or flood, the entire system can be quickly relocated to one or more alternate locations. Our innovative technology ensures that your business has access to the most reliable services and solutions available. Reliability - You will have access to services offering unparalleled reliability.

Strategic management combined with technological advances enable NWT to provide superior business class services at significant savings. Quality and reliability are always the top priorities across the entire range of NWT solutions. The intelligent call routing and enhanced network flexibility required to deliver the best available quality and reliability though also provide the greatest opportunities for reducing costs. These savings are passed on to your business enabling you to do far more for less. Your operational costs will also be lower. Your system can be set up to enable free calls between your national and international offices and to enable reduced reception and call handling costs. These upfront and ongoing savings can make a substantial difference to your company’s bottom line. Savings - You will save money and be able to achieve far more while spending less.

Dealing with the massive bureaucracies of the telecoms and cable corporations is frustrating, time-consuming, and rarely productive. With NWT you will have a completely different experience. Our sales and customer support professionals are mandated to provide you with excellent service and solutions. They will do what it takes to make things right. Your satisfaction is our principal concern.Trust - You will receive expert, personalized customer service that is dedicated to meeting your needs and objectives in a timely and proficient manner.