ADSL and Cable

Fast, stable, and reliable ADSL and CABLE connections for your business

Fiber Optic

The fastest Internet connections available with excellent stability and reliability

Auto Failover

Fast and stable redundant connections for unparalleled reliability

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NWT Is Your Internet Company

StarNet™ Internet solutions provide a comprehensive range of fast, stable, and reliable connectivity options required to meet all of your present and future objectives. NWT is able to offer you far more than the standard telecoms and cable corporations.

As a NWT client, you will benefit from integrated communications services that offer industry leading quality, pricing, reliability, and features. We can utilize multiple data centre uplinks, dynamic routing, and peering to provide you with the best service available.

We can manage your Internet connection to optimize and prioritize your bandwidth for key service functionality. Our sales and customer support professionals look forward to answering all of your questions and to providing you with unparalleled Internet solutions.