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NWT Is Your Communications Company

Your communication needs are important. Northwest TelData (NWT) has the global connections, expertise, infrastructure, and advanced technology necessary to provide you with the Telecommunications and Internet solutions required to meet all of your present and future objectives.

As a client, you will benefit from NWT's integrated communications services that offer industry leading quality, pricing, reliability, and features. The further advantage of having one provider for your Telecom and Internet services provides a single point of contact for all billing, system management, and customer service. Our sales and customer support professionals look forward to the opportunity to provide you with exceptional service on every level.

NWT distinguishes itself from the competition in five key areas:

i) NWT is a full service communications company offering complete Telecom (digital, landline, and cellular integration) and Internet (ADSL, cable, fiber optic, and automatic ADSL/cable failover) services with specialized expertise in advanced hybrid communication technologies. 

ii) NWT was founded by businesspeople and engineers with the objective of offering cost-effective communication services with best-in-class quality, reliability, features, integration, and support. 

iii) NWT is able to draw upon more than half a century of management and engineering expertise. 

iv) NWT offers private network connections direct to our data centre to provide excellent quality. NWT also relies on peering where required and utilizes straight fiber connections to both Vancouver and Seattle peering. 

v) NWT provides unparalleled customer service and the most reliable services and solutions available.