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1. When we switch from our existing provider to NWT can we keep the same phone numbers?

You can keep all of your phone numbers. NWT will arrange to transfer your numbers from your existing provider. Furthermore, once your numbers are transferred to NWT you can continue to use those numbers for as long as you want and anywhere you want. Your business can advertise and promote those numbers with the confidence of knowing that they will always be available to you even if you move to a different office, a different city, or a different country. Most telephone companies do not have the capability to offer you this long-term security. The mainstream bureaucratic telecoms are notorious for causing considerable hardship to businesses by not allowing them to keep the phone numbers they have spent significant time and money advertising. If your business happens to move to a different rate centre, even though it may be only a few blocks away, they force you to abandon your phone numbers and start over with new numbers. This is unacceptable. In marked contrast, NWT protects your long-term interests and provides our Permanent Number™ service as a standard feature of every phone service package.

2. Can we use the NWT services with our existing phone system?

You can continue to use your existing hardware. NWT is able to support every traditional and IP-based phone system. It is important for many businesses to be able to use their existing system. This enables them to protect what can be a considerable investment in that equipment. It also enables businesses to avoid having to re-train staff on a new system. If a business wants to expand on-site or to satellite offices, NWT can engineer hybrid systems that merge existing hardware with newer technology to offer the best of both worlds.

3. How will NWT work with our business to accommodate our changing needs?

NWT can provide your business with highly flexible, adaptable, and cost-effective services. Phone and Internet service capacities can be readily increased or decreased as required. Phone lines, extensions, and an extensive number of features can be added or removed within 72 hours to suit your requirements. If your business has satellite offices or will need to add them in the future, your system can be engineered so that all calling between the head and satellite offices is local instead of long distance no matter where in the world those satellite offices are located.

4. Does NWT offer over lines?

NWT is able to provide your business with as many over lines as you require. NWT can also be far more flexible in terms of pricing, timeframe, and availability. For instance, your business might require 1 main line with 9 over lines most of the time, but at certain times might require an additional 10 lines. Mainstream telecoms would require you to pay for all 20 lines regardless of how much you used them. NWT is far more interested in meeting your needs in a reasonable manner. NWT can provide you with 10 main lines plus 10 FlexTel™ lines. The first 10 lines would be charged on a standard monthly basis. The FlexTel™ lines would only be charged if and when they were used. These sorts of client-centered features – coupled with peerless quality, reliability, and support – make the service provided by NWT unparalleled in the industry.

5. Once we are a NWT client, what is involved in our moving from one location to another?

When NWT provides your telephone services, your number will always be available to you no matter where in the city (or the world) you decide to locate. If you are using the NWT digital service, moving from one location to another only requires you to unplug your phone or adapter from the original location and then simply plug it in somewhere else. As a result, you can effortlessly move your office system anywhere and at no cost.

6. We have very specific requirements for how we would like our phone system to work. Is NWT able to custom engineer our system?

NWT is able to offer custom configurations along with an incredible number of features. In addition to all of the conventional features like call display, call forwarding and conference calling, the NWT service offers peerless automation, integration, and flexibility. Systems can be configured to handle and route calls in almost any way imaginable. Calls can be routed through one or more extensions in any order. Multiple stages of auto attendants and menus can be created. Voice messages can automatically be emailed to you as an attachment and sent to your cellular phone in addition to appearing as voice mail at your main phone. Our Global Connect™ technology, standard on all NWT phone systems, enables you and your colleagues to transfer calls back and forth in exactly the same way whether you are at home, in your office, in New York or in Hawaii. People can now work from home, or take their phone with them when they travel, and keep the same phone functionality they have at the office. Enabling business clients to progress far beyond traditional phone services, NWT provides extraordinary opportunities for businesses to integrate and simplify voice, data, and organizational applications.

7. What makes NWT better than the competition?

There are five key reasons: 

i) NWT is a full service communications company offering complete Telecom (digital, landline, and cellular integration) and Internet (ADSL, cable, fiber optic, and automatic ADSL/cable failover) services with specialized expertise in advanced hybrid communication technologies. 

ii) NWT was founded by businesspeople and engineers with the objective of offering cost-effective communication services with best-in-class quality, reliability, features, integration, and support. 

iii) NWT is able to draw upon more than half a century of management and engineering expertise. 

iv) NWT offers private network connections direct to our data centre to provide excellent quality. NWT also relies on peering where required and utilizes straight fiber connections to both Vancouver and Seattle peering. 

v) NWT provides unparalleled customer service and the most reliable services and solutions available.